No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here at University Congregational United Church of Christ. Young, old, sure of your path, or still searching --- we invite you to join us in imagining love and justice - as Jesus did - in acting to change the world.

We would love to welcome you at our in-person service each Sunday at 10 am. A digital service is also offered on line on Sunday evening at 5 pm. Our service is streamed on YouTube and Facebook. You will find the links just below this section on our home page. The weekly 5 pm service is  available on line after it is initially presented on Sundays..

We strive to walk in the path of Jesus, and to offer an authentic welcome to everyone who walks through our door or joins us online. If you are new to us, we would love to get to know you and answer your questions about our church, even if we cannot greet you in person. A member of our Welcome Committee, or a pastor, would be happy to correspond on email or talk with you on the phone. Click here to arrange for a meeting.

Our in-person worship service starts at 10 am and includes hymns, prayers, scripture reading and a sermon. It usually lasts about an hour and fifteen minute.. During the 10 am service we also offer live-streaming to a nearby room that offers those with compromised immune systems to be more isolated. We also offer a separate space for children, with supervised play and crafts during the 10 am service. Sections of the 10 am service are programed into the 5 pm digital service, which is offered as a "vespers."

Children are an important part of our community, and are welcome for all or part or the service.

UCUCC Parking Map

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Parking can be a challenge in the University District! Persistence, patience and an early start are keys to success.

UW has free parking on Sundays. Enter the main campus gate at NE 45th and 17th Ave NE and turn left past the toll booth. It's about a three-block walk to the church. The UW Meany Garage at 15th Ave. NE and NE 41st St. is a five-block walk.

The church also owns three parking lots - Lot A is across the street from the church on 16th Ave. E. Lot B is beneath Sortun Court, just north of the church on the east side of 16th Ave. E. (It closes at 2 p.m.) Lot C (for those with difficulty walking, young children and visitors) is at the corner of 15th NE and NE 45th St., next to the church.

If you need to be assured of a close parking spot, you can call the church office before noon on Friday to reserve one: 206-524-2322.

From time time we host lunches for people who are interested in learning more about our church and/or possibly becoming a member.  We are also happy to meet with you over coffee or at the church to explore and explain a range of topics about our church, from history, to theology, to membership. Click here to arrange a meeting with a Welcome Committee Volunteer or pastor or to set up a meeting and/or to learn when the next Welcome Lunch is planned.

Thank you for your interest in our church community.

We are an inter-generational church and strive to be family-friendly, with an active ministry for children and youth. All ages are welcome in worship. We also offer nursery and child-care, Younger children begin the 10 am service with us and usually leave after about 15 minutes. Older children have the option of leaving for a special sermon time. Junior high and high school youth meet at 9 am and then often sit together in worship. Give us a call at 206-524-2322 for more specifics or email Margaret Swanson, our Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministries..

Our programs for children and youth continue during this pandemic. Sign up at the bottom of the home page to receive our Children's Ministries and/or Youth Ministries newsletter.

Hearing Impaired: Our sanctuary has an induction loop system that uses the T-Coil mode of your hearing aids. You can get the necessary equipment just before entering the Sanctuary on the right or ask any usher.

Visually Impaired: We offer each Sunday's program in large print for easier readability.

Wheelchair Access: The front entry is wheelchair accessible as are the rest rooms. Please don't hesitate to ask for assistance.

You know how this goes. It seems like yesterday she was a toddler. Now she’s an adult.

This is the time of year when we might be more inclined to notice how the young ones have grown. They are reaching milestones. Finishing middle school. Graduating high school. Graduating college. They just finished law school. They are all grown up.

For some, we remember the horizontal lines on the kitchen door frame. That’s how it was in my childhood home. Marks, initials, dates written in pencil, measuring all five of us as we were growing up.

Kelly’s mom was pregnant when I met her. I needed someone to watch the farm when I was away and I found Lori’s ad at the local veterinary office, where she had worked. Her card said “pet sitting.” When I asked if that could extend to sheep, she said “Sure.” Thus was born a friendship, just a few months before Kelly herself was born. We have been close ever since. And I got to watch Kelly grow up.

As soon as Kelly was big enough (or maybe even before) she was picking up lambs. The first time she tried, I’m certain the lamb was bigger than she was. When Lori snapped a picture we didn’t know that a tradition had begun. That every spring Kelly would lift a lamb and we would make a record of it. First Kelly, and then little sister Nikki, holding lambs. Every spring, whether we noticed or not, she was growing up.

It’s been eighteen years now. And it happened so fast. The soccer games when they could barely kick the ball. Middle school graduation. Music concerts. The soccer games now, where their skills are so impressive. I have been honored to be included as “honorary family.” And every spring the lamb picture. I was watching her grow up.

This year’s picture wasn’t easy to get. She’s 18 now and a senior in high school. Her life is busy and she struggled to find the time to come and hold a lamb. Like so many students, she’s had a hard year, marked most memorably by isolation. But here on Whidbey there is some in-person learning happening now. And last month I got to go and watch one of her last soccer games. My goodness. She’s grown up.

In a few weeks she graduates. In the fall she begins classes at the University of Washington. I look at her and feel for all the parents and grandparents shaking their heads with the stunning realization of how fast the time has gone. They’ve grown up.

Prayers for you all. For all of us, in the tender embrace of time.